Friday, April 27, 2012

Lizzy is 2 months old

Lizzy is already 2 months old. I can't believe how fast time flies!  She is our little kitty, she likes to purr, and Livvy and Lily still love her to pieces.  Liv is very quick to jump up and help her the second she starts to cry.  Liv thinks 3 seconds of crying is 2 seconds too long :)  She isn't worried about the noise, just about the baby.  She's a good little Mommy.  Liv will hold her on the couch and just sit there and watch a show.  Lily would like to, but I only let her when I am next to her.  Call me crazy, but my 2 year old holding the baby is mildly frightening to me! :)  We love to go on walks together too.  Lizzy is getting big so quickly.  We found out she has reflux in the beginning of April.  I thought maybe she was constipated.  She would go stiff as a board and just scream and scream, poor thing.  We took her in to the doctor and got her on some reflux meds.  Right after that she got bronchiolitis, which I think is just a fancy word for a chest cold in a child under 2.  She hardly ate for like a week and a half with her cold.  Once she got over that I noticed that the reflux medicine wasn't working as much as it should.  A quick call to the doctor and dosage increase solved that problem and she was back to being a happy baby.  Her 2 month appt was earlier this week.  She is developing really well.  The doctor was a little concerned about a heart murmur that she could hear and the fact that Lizzy is losing weight.  She would have lost some when she was sick, but she hasn't gained it back and has actually lost some since then.  With the murmur and the weight loss the doctor wanted to send Lizzy in for an echocardiogram which is basically an ultrasound of the heart.  While I knew that everything was probably fine, I think any mother would be a little worried about their baby having to have imaging done on something as important as the heart.  The doctors office set up the appointment and we were able to get in the next morning.  Lizzy did great during the test, she pretty much slept through the entire thing, what a trooper!  I was told we would probably hear back the following day, or the one after that, since the images had to be sent up to Primary Children's to be read by a pediatric cardiologist.  When my phone rang 5 hours after the test was completed and I saw it was the doctors office I think my heart stopped for a minute.  Luckily there were no problems, they were just really fast that day.  The doctor said everything in the test looked good, no indication or any holes or leaking.  The doctor will listen again at Lizzy's 4 month appt and make sure the murmur doesn't sound worse.  That would indicate that is was something they couldn't see on the echo.  I have to take her in in two weeks to have her weighed again and make sure she is gaining weight.  Other than that she is developing great.

Some of Lizzy's cute and silly faces

At two months Lizzy...
is 9 lbs 6.5 oz
is 22.5 inches long
likes to smile - but for some reason mostly just at Daddy
is starting to hold her head up longer
loves to look around
loves lights and fans
still purrs like a kitty
is very calm and easy, unless I forget to give her her reflux medicine
sleeps very well usually from 9:30/10ish till 8 or 9 the next morning with one wake up to eat
is sure loved by her Mommy, Daddy and two big sisters

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