Sunday, April 8, 2012

Liv and Marcus Cruise

This past January Marcus had another cruise for work and since I was 8 months pregnant at sailing time I couldn't go. Bummer for me, but it worked out well for Liv! The person who was going to go with him had to cancel last minute so we decided to let Livvy go with him since a number of other people were also taking their kids. It's a good thing that we are always ready to flee the country and have valid passports :) Anyway, they got to spend the week together in Mexico while Lily and I spent the week together here. Livvy and Lily usually play together very well, sometimes too well, like at night when they are supposed to be sleeping. It was really nice to put Lily down at night and have her be asleep 5 minutes later. I had so much free time that I had to take a trip to the fabric store and find a project to do!

Playing at Lover's Beach.  This is where the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of California meet.

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