Friday, April 13, 2012

Blue Angels

Several weeks ago the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels had an air show here in St. George.  With the exception of the ridiculous traffic due to there only being one road in and out it was LOTS of fun!  We saw planes doing "twirlies" and "dancing" in there air - flying completely vertical and inverted.  The was a mock WWII battle with tanks and air support.  There was a plane walker.  We got to go in a C 130, and Liv and Marcus even got to go into the cockpit and pretend the fly the plane!  They also had a news helicopter that the girls got to sit in and a Blue Angels plane that our family sat it!  The blue angels had been practicing in the airspace over our house for the previous two days and were still awesome at the show!  I didn't get very good pictures of the planes flying though, most were so fast it was hard to get them just right in the shot.  The girls thought it was great and Marcus was about 10 years old the whole time we were there!

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