Monday, June 25, 2007

Relay Races and Baby Showers

This weekend was a pretty busy one for us. Marcus met at work at 6:30 Friday morning to head up to Logan. He was going to run the Ragnar Wasatch Back Relay Race with work from Logan to Park City. Now before you freak out and say, "That is so far!" there are 12 people on each team and they each run 3 legs, so not as far. Unfortunately, he found out he was going to run two days before, when one of the members of Winders team cut off his own thumb. So, needless to say, Marcus was a little less than prepared. They did have some 'adventures' with their team, however none were due to Marcus collapsing. One of his team members got dehydrated, which then turned into heat exhaustion. When they took her to the medics tent he tried to cool her down too quickly and put her into shock and gave her hypothermia. So, she had to be wisked away via ambulance to the hospital. Two other Winder team members went with her because they couldn't get ahold of her husband and they didn't want her to be alone. So Marcus van which had the first 6 runners, now had 3. His team had to pick up the extra legs and run a little more than first expected. Marcus did complete all his legs, and fortunately was able to walk the next day. He also said he ran one of the most beautiful runs he's ever run. He ran somewhere between Kamas and Heber at about 12:20-1:40 in the morning. It was pitch black, except for the sky, which he said was very clear. He didn't take many picutres, but here are a few.

These are the 6 team members who were in Marcus van.

This is their group at the starting line. They took off at 9am with 40 other teams.

This is Marcus finishing his first leg and handing of the'baton' to the next runner.

While riding in the van Marcus looked up and saw a dog running across the road and following one of the runners. But wait, it wasn't a dog. After a second glance he realized it was a goat. The goat followed this runner for about half a mile.

Marcus got home around 3pm on Saturday.

On Firday Olivia decided she loved her mommy and took a nice long afternoon nap. I took advantage of my time and worked on the quilt that Ann had helped me start during our trip to Texas. It is now almost all done. I just have to tie it and finish the binding! Later that night my sister Monica came and slept over so me and Olivia didn't have to be all alone while Marcus was gone for his race. We partied pretty hard. I did the dishes and then we watched the new 'What Not To Wear.' Then on Saturday I went to a baby shower with both my sisters for my cousin Lindsay. It was a big family shower with all our cousins and aunts, and also Lindsay's mother and sister in law. It was lots of fun. Afterwards, a bunch of us went to the mall and went shopping and then went to Olive Garden for dinner.


Ali Flegal said...

What an eventful day. I'd love to see a picture of the quilt you're working on if you have a chance. The goat chasing the runner was hilarious. A co-worker losing his thumb and another one ending up with hypothermia added a lot of drama to your story. Good grief. Tell your sisters "Hello!"

Lindsay Bailey said...

We had so much fun seeing you guys that weekend. It was nice for all the girls to get together. Thanks for everything!