Friday, June 15, 2007

Britian's Got Talent

Of course my first post in a week and a half isn't even of us. However, for those of you who are 'American Idol' fans here is a clip from the British version. And for those of you who are Andre Bocelli fans, the contestant is singing 'Time to Say Goddbye.'


becca said...

Erika, that was awesome. First of all, I love that song. Second of all, I love American Idol. Third of all, I love British accents (and Simon Cowell, to be honest). kidding. But seriously, what a spectacular voice on such an unassuming guy. I would have voted for him. That was spectacular. BRILLIANT!

Ali Flegal said...

That WAS magic. His back story made me weepy. Go Paul Potts,go!!