Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New House

For those of you who have been asking... Here are a few pictures of our new, and messy, house.

The couch in the first picture is our new couch. For those of you who weren't aware, we got a new couch. (I haven't been told as much, but I have a feeling someone felt a little bad for making our family move again so soon.) This is our new table as well, that can seat 8! No more putting camping chairs around our round four person table!


Jessica said...

ooo so pretty! I am dying to visit you this weekend!!

britni jean said...

i like your new family pic!! great new furniture. your place looks nice. how are you liking st. george!?

Nicole said...

Love the new pictures, new couch, new table and home! I have something to mail to Olivia...could you please email me and let me know your address.

Lacey Jay said...

It was so fun to see and meet you guys over the holidays.. I'm so glad to see you guys made it down to St. George alright. I love the pictures of your new house. Hope everythings going okay:)

becca said...

Thanks for the pictures! I am excited about your new couch. I'd say a new house deserves a new couch. I love the color of your table, too. Reminds me of chocolate! Hope you are having fun with your fam for Livvy's birthday this weekend -- wish we were there!