Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Since arriving in St George Livvy has been a little bit clingy. She has had a hard time going to bed at night, freaks out if I leave the room, and gets very upset when Marcus leaves for work. We have started staing in the doorway so she can wave to him and see him drive away. Today as he was pulling out of the driveway she yelled, "Bye Dada, I me you so mun!" (Bye Daddy, I'll miss you so much.) It was so cute, and great sentance work. :)


Jessica said...

Ohhh. What a sweetheart you have. Poor Livvy. I can't imagine how a little one's mind processes such big changes: 2 moves in a short time. But she is lucky to have a loving and patient mommy and dadda to help her adjust. I hope she is doing well and I am excited to see her (and you!) Next weekend!

becca said...

What a good sentence! I knew just what Livvy was saying even without the translation! I agree with Jessica -- Livvy has every right to feel a little needy. I hope St. George feels like "home" soon!