Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ducky and Wheeler Farm

I think I mentioned that when we went to Lagoon Marcus won a giant duck for Livvy. Yes, I know it doesn't make such sense to "throw away" your money on those amusement park games, but if you have kids you might be familiar with doing things that don't make logical sense because it makes them happy. Anyway, here is a picture of Livvy with her duck-duck. She actually snuggles with him (or her, I'm not really sure) while she sleeps, and she enjoys body slamming it while she's not asleep.

This past week we went to Wheeler Farm with our play group. It is, I believe, a working farm, but you can go and pet the animals and feed some and there is lots of room to run around and be silly.

A bunch of the kids before we went in.

Livvy with the ducks.

Trying to hug a goose.

Trying to pet the sheep, who says "hahaha!" (As opposed to baaa.)

Looking at the chickens.

Carynn, Mckenna, Avery and Livvy sitting in a "tractor."

Livvy and Mckenna doing twirlies on the grass after lunch.

Ahh! I'm so dizzy, I can't stand up.

Here is the house update. They have the plumbing, venting, and electrical done. The roof is also done. They have framed where the bar will be in the kitchen as well as put in the ac and heater. They have also framed in the garage door and hung the exterior doors. They had just started insulating and had installed the hall bath tub/shower and the master bath soaker tub. (I only have pictures of some of it, because I didn't have my camera with me when I went out this past weekend.)

The venting in the ceiling upstairs.

The plumbing in the laundry room.

Aunt Jessi and Livvy in the master bath with the tub.

Looking at the house from outside. Check out that roof!

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