Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Just more pictures. Again, when we stopped by the house this past weekend workers were there. While I am very happy that they are working hard, even on a weekend, I was again a little disapointed not to be able to go inside. I really enjoy watching the process of building and watching the house evolve from a hole in the ground with cement and wood into a home. Oh well. They had all the siding done with the exception of just a bit in front and the trim work. It looked like the walls had been taped and mudded and I think they hung the doors inside as well. I'm sure more was done inside, but it is hard to know since we couldn't see it. Here is a picture of one of the side, as well as the front.

Also this weekend we, Jessi and AJ, Monica and Jon, and Marucs, Livvy and I, were able to go to the wedding reception of one of the girls Jessi and I went to High School with in Florida. We were able to catch up with lots of old friends there, it was like a giant reunion. Here is a picture of the three of us with the bride, Whitney. I didn't get any other pictures, opps!

Also earlier this week we took a couple pictures of Livvy being silly. Here she is with some toilet paper around her head.


Ali Flegal said...


Seeing the updates on your house makes me so so so excited for ours to be built!

What city are you building in?

You don't have to broadcast that info online, but send me an email if you can. I'd love to know. I'm so excited for you

Rachael Jill said...

Congrats on the new home! Whoo Hoo! How are you? Your daughter is adorable, and you look great! What are you guys up to?


Rich & Lisa Mack said...

how exciting!! Is it nearing completion yet?