Friday, January 18, 2008


Yesterday Livvy and I were sitting on the couch together playing. I was tickling her and when she laughed I noticed something in her mouth. So like any mother (or just the unsanitary ones) I stick my finger in her mouth right then to feel it out. What did I find? She had had two teeth break through the previous night! Now she is up to four! (Three on the bottom, and one on top.) She also has another top one that should poke through today or tomorrow, unless it decides to go back down.

Hopefully there will be a picture coming. It depends on if I can get her to let me take one.

Also, later that night I was getting ready to go to an Enrichment Committee meeting. The baby saw me go down the hall and decided that she wanted to come too. I heard her voice getting closer, so I poked my head around the corner to see how close she was - she gets distracted when she crawls - but she wasn't crawling. She was holding onto the wall and walking down the hall toward me. I was excited. She walks all around the furniture, but she had never done that. (Sorry, the video is sideways.)

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Jill said...

She is adorable, and growing up! We miss you! Glad you had such a nice Christmas with all the clan. Happy New Year from the Farrells!