Monday, January 14, 2008

Christmas 2007

I figured it was about time to blog about our Christmas. Marcus, Olivia and I had Christmas on Sunday, the 24th. (We are cheaters I know...) We hooked up the web cam so that my whole family (they were all at my parents house for Christmas) could watch us open presents. Of course by us I mean Olivia. There is nothing exciting about Marcus opening up presents. :) Anyway, on Christmas day we flew to Dallas so we could spend Christmas with the whole Cardon clan. (Well, almost. At the last minute Marcus sister Kari got really sick and she and Scott weren't able to make it.) We had 15 people at his parents house and while it was a little hectic at times it was so much fun. We went shopping, we saw "National Treasure: Book of Secrets," and we had family pictures taken. On Sunday, Becca, Alison, and I sang at church. Olivia decided to get sick halfway through and we ended up having to take her to urgent care Monday morning. She had a double ear infection. We also got to go see animals; sheep, goat, a donkey, and a horse. Livvy had fun feeding and petting long as she was watching mommy do it and not doing it herself. On New Years Eve and New Years we set off fireworks, and even managed to light one of Ann bushes up! (It never caught fire, but it did glow quite brightly for a minute or two while the firework was lodged inside it.) We were able to spend just over a week there. Fate apparently did not want us to make it back home. Our flight was delayed by a couple hours and when we finally made it home at 1:30 am our car seat had somehow not made the trip with us. Oh well.

Here are some pictures.

Livvy sitting in a pile of presents at our house.

Opening up presents at Grandma Ann and Grandpa Kirk's house.

Grandma and Grandpa got all the kids matching jammies. This is all of them sitting on the couch. Left to right...Seth, Johnathan, Robert, Megan, James, Livvy and Susie.

Ben has a blow up jumpy thing that the kids can play in. I set Livvy on the outside so that she could bounce but not get squished by her cousins. She loved it, and I loved what it did to her hair!

Livvy and Megan had lots of fun playing together.

This is visiting the animals. We are feeding the sheep!

With 15 people staying in one house hot water often ran out. Especially during specific times. One being bath time at night. Livvy really needed a bath this night, but we were out of hot water so this is how we fixed it. We heated up water on the stove, then put it in this big pot and washed the baby in there. She thought is was a little strange, but it worked.


becca said...

Loved the pictures; loved the visit; loved seeing you and Livvy!

Okay, officially, when that firecracker lit the bush on fire, I thought it was hysterical. One of my favorite New Years memories ever!

@J & Je$$i said...

Yay! Something new on your blog! I love the stories and pictures even though I've already heard and seen them all.

brian,britni,&dalia said...
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brian,britni,&dalia said...

looks like you had a fun and busy christmas! great pictures, especially olivia's crazy hair!!