Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving/Craft Day

Jonica came to our house for Thanksgiving this year.  Moni brought her silhouette so she could help me finish a couple projects I'd been working on.

When Ann was here a couple of weeks ago we started making these cute Christmas countdown calendars.  I accidentally bought letter and number stickers, which didn't have all the numbers needed, so Moni cut them out for me on sparkley scrapbook paper.  Now we just need some candy to hid in there!

I decided a while ago that I wanted to redo Liv's chore chart.  I just wasn't in love with how the other one turned out.  I got a sheet of metal from Home Depot and framed it.  A miter saw would have really helped with that step, but since I couldn't get accurate enough cuts we just made the frame fun, totally works for this project I think.  Moni again helped me with cutting out all the circles of paper, the vinyl words, and the cut paper flowers in the corner.  I think it is a winner, at least for now, since Liv has been very excited to move her magnets!

I did this earlier this month, but still thought I'd share.  I had wanted a Family Home Evening chart for a while.  Moni cut out "CARDON" for me as well as the St. George temple on scrapbook paper and then all my vinyl words.  Each of our names are on a little piece of wood covered in paper that hangs from a hook so they are easy to change.  It's pretty simple, but I like how it turned out.


Ali said...

Seriously, when are you and Monica going to open an Etsy shop!?!

I love love love the projects you made and most definitely want a job chart like that for my kids!

becca said...

I want a magnet chore chart! That looks awesome, and I think I would have just as much fun moving the magnets as Livvy does.
Nice work!
Have fun counting down on your advent calendar!