Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hair Cut

So, Thanksgiving was a fun day filled with cooking and crafting by the girls and XBoxing by the boys and playing with pup-pup for the little girls.  We enjoyed a lovely turkey dinner and Liv and I made some Thankful wreaths.  (For some reason I didn't take any other pictures...)

Livvy's wreath
My wreath

 So, it was a lovely day.  We put the girls to bed that night and I could hear that they were awake, but they were just quietly talking so I didn't think much of it.  Well, about 9pm we hear Liv go into the bathroom and Lily come's out and climbs on Marcus lap.  He is a guy, so he looks at her and say's "what's wrong with your hair?"  After a minute of him staring at her trying to figure out what is wrong, I lean over and look at her.  Immediately it is clear to me that what is wrong is that a lot of it is missing.  I walk over to the bathroom and pick the lock.  I asked Liv what had happened, to which she replied she didn't know.  Seriously!?  She finally admitted to cutting Lily's hair, and I notice a little of her own.  I asked her where the cut hair was so I could throw it away and again she didn't know.  Can we say "I know I'm in trouble so I'm going to plead the 5th..."  When I told her that it would attract bugs who would want it to make nests she suddenly remembered where it was.  I couldn't look at it too closely that night.  It was one of those things as a parent where partly it is hilarious but then also so not!  So the next morning I look at Lily a little more closely and Liv had given her bangs from behind one ear, across her forehead, to behind the other ear.  It made an absolutely fabulous mullet!  But it didn't stop there.  I think she wanted to layer it because where we part Lily's hair was cut all the way back to the crown of her head like .5 - 1 inch long!  She also layered the back so it had a sort of jellyfish look.  It was very skillfully done, if this was 1982.  Looking at Livvy that moring I notice that she had cut her own bangs and done a little layering on her own hair as well, but not nearly as much.  So, it is the morning of Black Friday and I think to myself, how on earth an I going to find someone to fix this!?  The ladies in the neighborhood who do hair are probably with family or out shopping and I'm a little nervous to take her to a random salon and have them try to fix it, if I can even find one open.  Anyway, I texted a friend who I usually have do their hair and luckily she wasn't busy.  I took the girls over and she tried to cut Lily's hair into like a bob, but it still looked too goofy.  She shortened it a little more and it was still goofy.  She did that like 4 or 5 times, and finally we just had to go with a pixie cut.  I'd rather have it be short and cute, then keep it long but weird looking.  She did a great job fixing Lily's hair.  I never would have cut it that short out of my own choosing, but it did turn out really cute.  Marcus and I keep joking that we can see he face now!!  (The pictures really don't do the fabulous 80's-ness of it justice, they really really don't...)

This is Lily earlier this month with her hair long.

Bangs to behind the ears.
If you look at the crown of her head you
can see how short it is.

Lily's new bangs.

New hair.  It is messy morning hair, but you get the idea.


Jodi said...

wow! that's hilarious. and sad...

becca said...

Oh my gosh! I am glad you saw the hilarity of the situation even though it sounds like a bit of a nightmare. My favorite line? "It was very tastefully done, if it was 1982." Also funny? The fact that Marcus could not immediately tell what was different about his baby's hair. Well, the pixie cut looks adorable. Brings out those girly eyes.
The Thanksgiving wreaths are very classy! I like that you made a wreath, too. Crafts are not just for kids -- making my oreo turkey on Thanksgiving was one of the highlights of my day.