Thursday, February 12, 2009


In our old house, I had Livvy's name in vinyl lettering on her wall. Since we are renting this house I didn't think I should put vinyl on the walls, so I painted the letters of her name so I can put those on the wall instead. I think they turned out pretty cute so I thought I'd share.

(I thought I had a picture of the old one on this computer, but it is on the other computer which is not working right now.)

Here are the letters with the base coat of paint and the pin striping.

This is the pink over the white and the pin striping.

Here it is with the striping taken off, before it is finished.

And here is it finished.


britni jean said...

that is so cute. i've been wanting to get letters do to my girls names. i might have to copy your stripy idea!

becca said...

whoa, awesome! I love the pin stripes.

alison said...

Wow, that turned out really great. How long did it take you? I've been wanting to do something like that for both our girls after we move out.

Anonymous said...

Amazing pics...
thanks for sharing...

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