Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rock Band

This past week AJ bought Rock Band after waiting months for it to be released for the Wii. We all were a little concerned about his "love" of the game. However, after playing it a few times, I can say, it is fairly addicting. You can have 1 - 4 players doing any or all of the following; playing drums, playing guitar, playing bass, or singing. You follow along on a bar with your "notes" and try to hit them at the right time. Some of the songs are awesome ones that we all know, and some are ones we have never heard of and are a little strange. It is lots of fun though. Livvy even enjoyed helping me sing, for a few minutes till she moved on to something else.

On the way to AJ and Jessi's I made Marcus stop by the house so we could get pictures of the hole. I want pictures of the whole process. Yes, I know I'm bizarre.


Mack Family said...

how fun!!! And congrats on the house, that is so exciting!!

Laurie Mays said...

Thanks for the picture of the house site. The hole may not be too exciting, but it's the beginning of your own home. That IS exciting! We are thrilled for your family.

Love, MOM

becca said...

I'm excited about the hole, too. Matt and I plan on visiting, since you'll have the biggest house out of any of us!
And the Wii game sounds fun -- like DDR in a band version. I would choose the singing, just like Livvy!