Friday, April 18, 2008

The past 2 months...

Well, it's been a while since I blogged so I figured I should get on it before my next entry became even longer.

First of all. Livvy's only had her cast on for 3 weeks. We took her back to the doctor on Feb 13th and they said everything looked good and that the fracture had healed well. We took this right before heading up to the hospital.

A few days later I went into her room and was immediately afraid. "What happened to my baby? I laid her down for a nap. Did she figure out how to get out of bed?" During this 5 second conversation with myself I realized she was still in her bed, I just hadn't seen her.

The first two weeks of March, Marcus, Livvy and I found ourselves in the lovely city of Las Vegas. Marcus' company wanted him to spend a little time at the location their and Livvy and I decided to come along. I have family in Vegas and so we went and stayed at my Grandparents house. It was so much fun. We played games (the boys must cheat!) and went to dinner a few times. Livvy's favorite thing by far was the porch swing. She would go out with Granpma and Grandpa several times a day and they would swing together. We also were able to go out to Valley of Fire and walk around and have lunch one day. She also really loved Special Grandma Cindy's (that is my Aunt Cindy) hot tub. Livvy was not very happy when Mommy made her get out after 5 minutes.

One day while Marcus was at work Grandma and Grandpa took us to the mall to ride the horsies! Livvy loves horsies!

Livvy also helped Daddy help Grandpa with some yard work. Doesn't she look strong?

We had so much fun in Vegas, being able to visit family. Thanks again to Grandma and Grandpa for putting up with us for two whole crazy weeks.

We got our tax returns while we were in Vegas and when we got home we sat down to decide what to do with them. "Should we invest it all? Should we buy our pony?" After MUCH anylizing (if you know Marcus that won't be shocking) we decided to save most of it and keep some for something fun for us since we had been being really good and not spending money on crap. So we bought a TV. Extravagant? Maybe, but we got a killer deal. It was half off, and we love it. Plus it is something we use every day.

Well, after being home for a week, Livvy and I hopped on a plane a flew to Phoenix to visit my parents. It was so much fun. Livvy had been walking with the furniture for about two months and so we were really hoping that she would get the walking thing down. Poor girl had to relearn how to do it a couple times because of her cast, but when she decides she is ready she figures this out real quick. She practiced lots and got pretty good, but saved the finishing touches till we got home and she could show Daddy.

While we were there we got to visit lots of people. Aunt Kari and Uncle Scott, and Great Grandma Mita. For some reason we had so much fun playing with them that I didn't take any pictures. We also got to visit Great Grandma Susan and Great Aunt Katie. They have two dogs or "Pup Pup" as Livvy calls them. After getting used to each other they all became pretty good friends.

She also got to read a book with Great Grandma Susan.
Livvy with Great Grandma Sue and Great Aunt Katie.

We got to spend lots of time playing with Grandma Laurie and Grandpa Rob. We went for lots of walks, and read books, and went swimming.

After being away from Aunt Jessi and Uncle AJ for so long we had to see them. This past Sunday we went over to their house. Jessi and AJ made broccoli cheese soup and Monica and John brought over some yummy treats. Kate and Steve, AJ's borther and his wife came over for a while too. Jessi's neighbor has a 'pup pup' and they got to bring it over and we all played with him for a while. Livvy thought he was pretty cute, but was a little unsure. He is truely a puppy and is very hyper. Uncle John even sacraficed his hand to keep the puupy busy while Liv's petted him. It was nice to play outside though. It was a beautiful day! Once we went back inside Daddy thought it would be fun to play 'Bounce Livvy in the Air' on the love sac. She thought it was so fun. However, after Daddy and Uncle AJ decided to play together and my child soared for the celing (ok she didn't really but she did soar a couple feet) Mommy abruptly put an end to that game. After Livvy got over he inital fear and stopped crying she pointed at the lovsac and said 'Again!' Even though she didn't get hurt, Mommy had to say no. I know I'm a meany! BTW - I 'made' Liv a ribbon for her hair and I am in love with how cute she is!

So that is the story of the last few months. Although, Livvy has started trying to take off her own clothes recently. Well, I think that is what she is doing. Twice when I've gotten her up from naps she is all kabobbled in her shirt. It's pretty funny.


Nicole said...

It's great to see an update. I have a great photo of the two of you with Mita. She has a copy up in her room to remember your visit. All our love to your whole family. Nicole and Mita

Lindsay Bailey said...

I am so glad you posted all of these pictures! She's adorable!

@J & Je$$i said...

Yay! An update! Cute pictures and fun adventures! Livvy's my favorite 1st niece!

Mack Family said...

Finally! A new post! ha ha. Livvy is too stinking cute, I love the new pics. It was great to see you guys. Hope all is well!

Jill said...

So glad all is well and you had such a great trip. She is ADORABLE and growing up so fast!