Thursday, April 24, 2008


Lately Livvy has been very aware of her diaper. Not only does she like to pull off the tabs and then put them back on, (which she doesn't do very well,) she will also bring me a diaper when she wants hers changed and I haven't acted quickly enough. She will grab one out of her room or her diaper bag and walk over to me saying "di-di."

Yesterday, while we were hanging out, she walked over to the coffee table with her puppy. I looked over at her and she laid her puppy on the table and then took a diaper and started putting in on the puppy. Now, if this was a puppy who actually needed the diaper it wouldn't have helped him one bit. She is horrible at putting them on, but it is sure funny to watch her be a Mommy to her puppy. I tried to take pictures but she stopped. So when Marcus got home he had her do it again so we could take a picture. It wasn't quite the same, but you get the idea.

Last night I went to check on her before going to bed myself. She was totally out and looking very cozy in her bed. As I walked away I noticed her leg looked funny so I looked at it closer. I figured she had just pulled her leg up into the stomach of her jammies. Her leg, however, was out of her jammies. As I looked closer I realized I could see the picture on her diaper. Wait a sec, the picture is supposed to be on the front of her diaper and she is laying on her stomach, I shouldn't be able to see the picture. She had unzipped her jammies, pulled one leg out and undid her diaper. Luckily she hadn't had to go to the bathroom and her bed was still dry. Laughing I left her room to grab the camera, and went back in. Marcus followed me in so he could see what my issue was. (It was very late I so I was laughing hysterically.) We pulled her out of bed so we could get her situated again. I decided to put her in some new jammies since she was pretty warm. As she was sitting on her changing table waiting for me, she decided she needed to tinkle then. At least it wasn't in her bed!


Mack Family said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! That is seriously hilarious! I love that picture of her sleeping! She is such a cute little thing.

Nicole said...

Thankfully we are out of the diaper stage...we still have our share of naked bums, but no diapers! Keep enjoying that little girl!

becca said...

That's little Livvy! She's grown up so much since Christmas! What fabulous pictures. I love how you grab your camera at just the right moments -- Livvy is such a funny girl! Livvy and Meggie would have such fun together -- Meg's in the "take-my-own-diaper-off" stage as well. Too funny!