Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Busy Week

This past week and a half have been a very busy one for us. Last Tuesday we met with a cranial facial specialist at Primary Children's Hospital about Livvy's plagiocephaly - pla·gi·o·ceph·a·ly -(flat head.) Her pediatrician was concerned about the amount of flatness and suggested we visit with the specialist. After looking at her, he recommended that we see an othotisist about doing the helmet therapy. We met with the othotisist on Wednesday and he too strongly suggested that we do the helmet therapy. So, not off to the best week. However, they scanned her head for the measurements, as opposed to the older way of taking a head mold. AHH!!!

Wednesday night Grandma Laurie flew into Salt Lake and we picked her up from the airport. Thursday was also a busy day consisting of visiting with a good friend from when we lived in Florida who was in town, going to Provo to help Aunt Monica with some prewedding things, and getting a haircut.

Friday morning was what we were excited for. We were going to Bear Lake! We left Friday morning and Olivia did great in the car. She enjoyed playing with her seat buddy, Gr Laurie, but mostly she slept.

She was asleep when we got to the lake.
We spent a few hours there and then went to my Grandparents house in Dingle, on the north side of the lake, for games and dinner. My aunt had rented a boat for the lake, so Marcus and I decided to take a turn while we were out there. Due to some dumb decision making on my part, my glasses ended up flying off my head and are now at the bottom of the lake. For those of you who know me well, I am BLIND without them. Luckily Monica and Johnny were just getting ready to leave, so they stopped at my apartment and got my other pair. Luckily I had two pairs. I don't remember much of the rest of the day since I couldn't see it. I know we had an obstacle course for the little kids that they really seemed to enjoy, and also relay races for the little kids and one for the adults. I didn't get to participate, but I did watch some of it through the camera and it looked like fun.

The next day we went back to the lake for the big reunion. Again Livvy was pretty exhausted.

Then she decided to wake up and play. But by the time we got home she was wiped out again. She was so tired she couldn't even keep her paci in.

Sunday morning we decided to go to church before heading home. Livvy passed out before we even made it there.

She was asleep when we got out too. The drive home went well,and we took Gr Laurie to the airport that night.

On Monday, Livvy got her 6 month shots and I guess due to the shots and because she was still a little tired from our wild weekend, she fell asleep trying to decide if she wanted to sleep on her side or her back. How silly!

I think my favorite thing was Monday night though. I leaned Livvy up against the couch and she stood there for about 30 seconds. She was leaning against the couch but that was all. I wasn't holding her up at all! She is also getting really good at rolling over, which we are excited about because she hates to be on her stomach.

These are a couple videos that were requested by Gr Laurie for Gr Rob.

Can I help you???

Eating is no reason to stop such a great noise!


@J & Je$$i said...

What friend from FL did you visit last Thursday?

@J & Je$$i said...

Look she's standing!!!

-erika :) said...

Amy. She was in town for a couple days before going up to Bear Lake for a family reunion.

becca said...

Ohhh! So the helmet possibility will probably be a reality, now? I hope she'll be comfortable in it, and that it won't cause too much stress for Mommy. She looks fantastic. How could she be more perfect?