Monday, August 13, 2007

Livvy's New Helmet

Today Livvy got her helmet. She was sort of interested in it for the first few minutes, but when she realized that it wasn't going anywhere she was a little less enthusiastic. For the next few days she will slowly start building up how long she wears it until she is up to 23 hours a day. She will wear it for 23 hours a day for 2 months. Then just at night for an additional month. Today we just wore it for an hour, then took it off for an hour, then wore it for an hour, etc. We also found out that she has torticollis. That is where one the muscles in the neck (the left in her case) is tighter than the others and pulls the head in that direction. If can actually pull the facial features in that direction if it is not fixed. Lucky, the treament for that isn't quite as evasive. We just have to do stretches several times a day to help loosen up the tight muscle.

Here are a couple of pictures of the helmet.

If you look closely at the "design," it is 'thumb print bunnies.' I call her my bunny, so I thought it was only fitting. Plus the colors are cute.

After I took it off, her head was very sweaty. Since people lose most of their body heat through the head, her little body has to retrain itself to rid her body heat other ways. At least she looks pretty stinkin' cute still! (Not that I'm biased or anything.)

She took a nap later in the afternoon and was so tired from the 'strains' of the day that she just fell asleep with her head in her hands. "I can't believe this mommy!"

This is a video from a couple days ago. "Do I want to eat you or love you?"


@J & Je$$i said...

Wow! Livvy's helmet looks so good! A woman in the office across the hall has a boy with a helmet. It was terrible looking! It was thin and clear. He looked like an old 1950's movie astronaut. Bubble Baby. This helmet Livvy has is so cute with the pink bunnies. She looks like she is getting ready to go rock repelling or skateboarding! X-treme Baby! She's lucky to have a Mama and Daddy that will take such good care of her.

Laurie Mays said...

Grandma Laurie thinks Olivia is stylin' in her new helmet. I think her chubby cheeks look better than ever.

brian,britni,&dalia said...

cute helmet. i'm glad to hear that she will only need to wear it for a few months. but that dress she is wearing is the cutest outfit! olivia sure has good taste!

Ali Flegal said...

I am also way impressed with the style. She does look like she's heading for an adventure. I can't wait to meet her this weekend at the wedding!

becca said...

I agree wholeheartedly with Grandma Laurie -- the helmet brings out those delicious cheeks.

Hope the wedding was wonderful!