Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Crafty Wednesday

So the other day I decided that I was tired of finding my girls bows all over the house. "What to do, what to do," I asked myself. I had seen a cute bow holder at a friends house and decided I was going to make one. I found an old frame in my closet, got some paint for the frame, some fabric and ribbon and got to work...

       Livvy and I starting to paint.  She was working
on a project while I worked on mine.
After wrapping the cardboard that came with the frame
in batting and fabric, I started to cut ribbon.
I glued one side of the ribbon to the back,  wrapped
it around the front and then glued it to the other
side on the back
Liv got a shot of me in action!                                        


  All done - well except for the frame                             
Frame dry, ribbon done - we have a bow holder!!      

When we were getting the things I needed for my project, we picked up a little wood frame for Liv to paint.

Working hard on her stencil butterfly.  It was lots
of fun, because we got to mix paint colors to
make ones we didn't have!
All done!  Liv did her frame all by herself, with a little
help from me holding the stencil.

We didn't make this today, but I thought I was also fun.  I made this for my sister for her birthday.  It has a small diaper changing mat that fits inside one side of the holder.  The other side of the holder holds a small wipes case and a couple of diapers.  The ribbon on front is also not glued down all the way across so you can clip things to it - bows, paci's, etc


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Ali said...

Seriously, I'm just a little sad that all of the craft genes went to you and your sisters! You are so talented. It's fun to see what you're dreaming up and creating!