Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chore/Responsibility Chart

So I decided I wanted to make a chore chart for Liv. I wanted one a little more interesting than just a Calendar sort of set up. I wanted her to be excited about it so she would actually do the stuff on it :) Anyway, I couldn't really find what I wanted, so I just made one up.

We keep all the flowers on the bottom till she
completes something.
I didn't want it to just be plain white, so we added
some ribbon to the bottom.

After she has completed something, she gets
to move the flower up to the top part!

We'll see how this goes and if it helps get things done.  I need to figure out some sort of reward system.  I was thinking of at the end of each day writing down how many flowers she has at the top and then giving each one a value.  Like 1 flower = 5 cents.  So at the end of the week if she has had 50 flowers then she gets $2.50. She is only 4 though and I know she'll just spend that money on candy, gum and cheap crappy toys.  Maybe she has to save half for a trip or something short term, but not right now. I don't know yet.  If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them.

Also if anyone is curious, these are the items in the flowers.  Get dressed, go to bed on time (not playing for 2 hours after we get in bed), practice letters or counting (something school related), read a book, make bed, play outside (or active play), take a bath, clean up toys, brush teeth in the morning, clear dishes off table, brush teeth at night, and put dirty clothes in hamper at end of day.


Nicole said...

Cute chore chart...EVERYTHING with girls is cuter!!!! I'm sure she'll be excited to use it!

Ann said...

Your chore chart is adorable! I love the flowers and the jobs in pictures in the centers. You are very creative. I'll bet that she'll have more fun doing chores. Great job finding a solution that's cute too!