Friday, August 27, 2010


Last month we were able to go on a week long cruise with my whole family.

On Sunday we woke up at 5:30 am so we could be on the road by 6 - headed for Los Angeles. We happened to get to the pier at the exact same time and Gr Laurie and Gr Rob & Aunt Monica and Uncle Johnny.

That first day was Gr Laurie's birthday and Gr Rob's was a couple of days earlier, so we had a birthday party for them that night. We snuck into their room and left some cake and then opened presents.

Monday was a sea day so we just hung out. Gr was just too much fun for Lily.

That night was a formal dinner.

Tuesday we were in Cabo San Lucas. Our little family went on a semi-sub adventure!

Later that day some people went ice skating. The girls and I watched.

And Livvy was the queen of high fives!!!

Wednesday we were in Mazatlan and we all went to a beach on a nearby island. We got to play in the water, ride horses and take out kayaks. It was lots of fun!

On Thursday Gr and Gr, Jonica and Daddy went and did a canopy tour in Puerta Vallerta.

Friday was a sea day again, and we were all so exhausted that we just rested. Then that night Marcus and I played mini-golf and ping pong with Monica and Johnny. It was SO windy that the golf and ping pong balls kept moving around and Monica and I were getting blown around! It was so windy it was really hard to keep the camera and ourselves still for a good picture..

Saturday we were also at sea and we took Liv ice skating.

They had a kids area were Liv could go play. She LOVED it. They had activities and games and even painted faces. One of the days they all dressed up like pirates and had a parade through the ship.

We got matching jammies for the kids. Liv wasn't there for the picture, but hers look just like Lily's.

While we were at the beach in Mazatlan we had a local artist draw a picture of Liv and Lily. Liv was so tired that she fell asleep in the chair while he was drawing.

Here are just some other random pictures...

Also, this summer the girls and I were able to go to Bear Lake with Gr Laurie, Aunt Jessi and baby Justin. This is a collage of that trip that we made for my mom.


Natalie Bergquist said...

AWESOME!!!! That looks like sooooooo much fun! I'm envious now. Thanks for sharing pics and blogging it!! =)

Nicole said...

I agree....AWESOME! What a fun vacation!

becca said...

What a feast of fabulous pictures! Here are some of my stand-out favorites:
Beautiful sleeping Lily with dark hair and pink cheeks.
Livy at the fancy dinner
Your cute family with the boat in the background
Livy meeting a wave face-on
You and Marcus all nice and dressed up

It looks like so much fun! Maybe we can do a cruise together one of these days!