Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Halloween!

So I realize this post is a little late. Someone relocated our camera, and I finally found it last night. Liv had so much fun with Halloween. We carved pumpkins together a couple night before. Livvy really like the pumpkins seeds, and started carrying one around and calling it "Honey." She knew which one Honey was too. It was pretty funny.

Livvy went as Belle (a bundled up Belle!) She was SO excited to finally wear her Belle dress. Daddy was an army guy and mommy was a snowboarder.

We were out for 2 hours and finally told Liv we had to come home because it was time to get ready for bed. She would have stayed out all night. She had so much fun. She was a great little trick-or-treater too. She would walk up to a door and knock and then say "trick-or-treating" (she always added the "ing" to it for some reason.) She'd get her candy and say "tank you." After we got home we still had kids coming by our house so we left Liv help hand out candy as we were getting ready for bed. She would pick up the candy bowl and wait for kids and get so excited when she saw some coming. It was great.

This is a video I took of Liv a couple days after Halloween. She was running in circles around a pillar we have while talking on her phone. She got a little camera shy once she say me taping her, but it was so funny.

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britni jean said...

erika, she is too cute!! i love her little voice! you are a great mom! i enjoyed hearing your voice too!