Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Christmas Stockings

I decided to make Christmas stocking for my family. My cousin was making some, and I liked the idea. Liv still doesn't have one, and Marcus and I just have generic ones from when we were first married. I thought making us all ones would be fun. This is just a picture of the fabrics - I haven't started putting them together yet.

Marcus' is the one of the left and mine is the one on the right.

Livvy's is on the left and the new baby's is on the right.


britni jean said...

what a fun project! i like your fabric choices!

Nicole said...

Love the fabric! It's so fun getting things ready for the holidays. Can't wait to see pictures of them hanging in December!

Jessi W said...

Oh you did find some cute fabrics. Good for you. These will turn out cute. I am excited to see them.