Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Last Weekend and It's Official

Last weekend my sister Monica called me and said "John and I are going to the zoo, do you guys want to come?" And we sure did. We had actually been wanting to go to the zoo for almost two months, but due to the crazy weather here (it couldn't decide whether to be hot or cold) and our travels during March, we just haven't made it there. So we ended up making it a big party, Monica and John, Jessi and AJ, and Marcus, Livvy and I all went. It was a beautiful day, albeit a little toasty. We weren't sure what Livvy would think, but she really enjoyed looking at the animals. She also wanted to push her own stroller around. She loved looking at the elephants and also really liked the monkeys. When we were done we played on the playground for a bit before heading home. Here are some pictures.

Here are a couple pictures of Uncle AJ being a turtle. We thought they were funny.

As for our official news... No we aren't pregnant. We are building a house! It is kind of a long story as to why we chose to build, but it's just what worked the best for us. We have already chosen all of our structural upgrades. We also took a "fact finding" trip to the design center (everything inside) and were able to look at our choices there so we have a pretty idea what we want when we go back to chose for real. They have put our papers into the city to get the permits and things needed and will hopefully break ground in about 2 weeks. We are excited!!!


Holly said...

Hi Erika, my name is Holly King... you don't know me but I am friends with your cousin Ali Flegal. She told me to take a look at your blog because your sweet little girl had to have a helmet and my son Ian just started on his last week. I was wondering what Orthotic place you went to (was it Shields?) and were you happy with the results? Ian got little sores on his head after sleeping in it last night so now we have to take a off a couple of days for it to heal. This has been a really hard thing for me. It really stinks bad, and he swaets so much.... and we are just starting summer. Was your daughter just flat to one side? It feels like a few months will be an eternity!

becca said...

Yeah! I've been checking back with your blog regularly to see when the official news might be posted. I am so excited for your house!
And I loved the zoo pictures -- good thing Livvy was there, giving everyone else and excuse to have fun (and pretend to be turtles, etc). I like the picture of Marcus with the giraffe in the background -- the setting suits him well.
Can't wait to hear more about your house!