Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fall Leaves

On Thursday Olivia and I headed over to University Hospital to see her cranial/facial specialist about her head. He said that it was looking very good, and that her torticollis is getting better. Then we decided to take the tunnel/bridge over to Primary Children's Hospital to visit Lindsay, Cindy, and Gavin. I love visiting Gavin. He is so adorable, and keeping up with adorableness, was dressed like a pumpkin when we visited. I was able to talk to Lindsay for a while and Gavin just slept. Gavin, like Olivia, knows that being so cute is hard work, and sometimes needs a long rest. Olivia played to the waiting room with Aunt Cindy. Aunt Cindy must be lots of fun, because my super tired baby was having the time of her life when I came out to get her. Anyway, the leaves where being raked on our way out to the car (from the apartment) so we thought we would take a couple fall pictures.

Today we had our ward's Trek or Treat. Basically it is a Trunk or Treat, but inside. They had games, Olivia like the fishing game. We fished over a sheet and "caught" some fruit snacks! Then we went to the classroom and got candy. I had really wanted to dress her up as a bunny, because I always call her bunny (don't ask) but was having a hard time finding a bunny costume. So, last night I was at Walmart trying to figure out what to do, and my smart sister Jessi said "Why don't you just put bunny ears on her?" Well, duh. Or course. So I found a child size bunny ear and tail set. We put them on with some pink pants and shirt and voila! The cutest bunny ever. Her ears were just too big (they were on a headband) so we took one of her headband bows and put that over the ears to hold them on. So she became a bunny with a bow. It turned out really well. After Trek or Treating we took a couple more pictures in the leaves.


Ali Flegal said...

Oh Erika,
She is the cutest bunny I've ever seen. I am glad things are going well with her head :) Halloween is fun again, right? I love the pictures with the leaves. Based on the drool on her shirt, I would guess that she is teething at the moment! So cute.

becca said...

Nice thinking, Aunt Jessi! She looks so cute. And Erika, I'm glad you got to visit your little cousin, Gavin. Hope he's doing well!

brian,britni,&dalia said...

olivia makes such a cute bunny! dalia was a bunny last year for her first halloween!