Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ski Jumping, Harry Potter, and Bath Tornados

Last Tuesday and Wednesday Marcus went to Park City for a management retreat with work. They spent most of the time in meetings, but were able to have some fun as well. On Tuesday they went miniature golfing, out to dinner, and then saw the movie Transformers. On Wednesday they went to Olympic Park and got to try out the ski jump!

Like the winter version, the skier skis down a ramp and after launching off the ramp, does tricks in mid air. The difference is that instead of landing on snow, they land in a big swimming pool.

Here are a couple pictures of Marcus trying it out.


Like many of you, I too spent this weekend with "the other man in my life," Harry Potter. So that we could still spend time together, Marcus rented NCAA 2008 Football for the PS2. I read on the couch while he played his game. Due to this arrangement, we narrowly avoid several tense and uncomfortable moments. I was engrosed in my book and occasionally I would laugh due to the witty remarks often given by the twins and Hermione. Marcus, who was struggling to figure out his game, thought that I was laughing at him. Needless to say, he was getting a little miffed at me as I was continuially "laughing" at him while he continued to struggle. After some time, he realized that I was in fact laughing at my book and not him, and we had a pretty good laugh about it. Close call! Afterwards Livvy enjoyed sitting by Marcus on the couch and watching him play his game.


Finally, Livvy really enjoys her baths. She loves watching the water come out of the faucet, and then go down the drain. Her is a little video from after her bath last night, laughing at the drain and its "tornado."

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